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Тесты с ответами ч.3
Вариант 1

Найдите в каждом пункте одну грамматическую ошибку и исправьте её
(1 правильно исправленная ошибка – 4 балла, максимум 100 баллов)

1) I see nothing terrible in dismissing if you have a good steady income apart from work.

2) You did not need to prepare for the meeting. It was cancelled all the same.

3) Try to put this spice into the soup. The taste will be really exciting.

4) He was made explain everything.

5) I am seeing a ship in the horizon.

6) Enter a university is his dream.

7) How is he? He is finely, thanks.

Cool Who does want to participate in this game?

9) I met a manager at the desk. Manager explained everything to me quite clearly.

10) Have we to do it on the spot?

11) Woman suddenly addressed me at the corner and asked the way.

12) I hate you speak like that!

14) When the ball bounced out of the sports ground girl ran to take it back.

13) They communicate in big network.

15) People written such articles do not think about their effect.

16) The parcels have not sent yet.

17) The project being launched by our company is attractive.

18) I believe you weigh all the facts carefully before the decision.

19) When we looked in they sat motionlessly in wait.

20) It is not our mistake. It is her.

21) The tickets ordering are delivered.

22) When we will finish we will let you know.

23) I will be able do it next week.

24) It is not my car. It is her.

25) You must not wake up early. It is not necessary.

Найдите в каждом пункте одну грамматическую ошибку и исправьте её
(1 правильно исправленная ошибка – 4 балла, максимум 100 баллов)

1) The books reading in childhood are remembered for all life.

2) You should be more polite with him that day.

3) When I was young I was able to run 20 km regularly.

4) I should meet my friend at 5. We agreed so.

5) How are you? I am good, thanks.

7) The news hearing here will spread soon across the neighborhood.
Cool I hate him shout!

9) When we arrived our children slept.
10) If I will see her I will ask this information.

11) We thought it will be more difficult.

12) He saw a man dressed in black to enter the doorway.

13) I am hearing a strange noise. What could it be?

14) Learn to drive is his goal.

15) The papers have already signed.

16) The task giving must be done soon.

17) She heard someone to entering her room.

18) You must not hurry. You have got time.

19) We usually have tea without a sugar.

20) Do you expect me do it without any assistance?

21) Man appeared round the corner dressed in all white.

22) She was let do it by her father.

23) The work being started by them is difficult.

24) I saw someone to enter the doorway.

25) I have never passed through left side of this business center.

Вариант 3

Найдите в каждом пункте одну грамматическую ошибку и исправьте её
(1 правильно исправленная ошибка – 4 балла, максимум 100 баллов)

1) They mistakenly let him to do it.

2) Do not make noise! He must have slept in his room.

3) We know him be an honest person.

4) The house building across the street was ordered by Mr. Brown.

5) The letter writing 3 months ago has been delivered today.

6) Learning a foreign language means to study systematically.

7) The friends comings to tomorrow’s party will be very happy.

Cool We were made stay longer by our boss.

9) Who are you? I am a businessman.

10) Get a degree in Law is her dream.

11) We are launching a new product. Product has all chances for success.

12) I was sure I will never see her again.

13) This problem discussed at the yesterday’s symposium.

14) You must not worry. Everything is OK.

15) The book being begun by me is interesting.

16) To avoid farther questions I would like to explain everything in detail.

17) I want you know all the facts.

18) I hate them grumble!

19) When I came in my sister cooked breakfast.

20) If you will find his contacts tell me.

21) The reports reading at tomorrow’s conference will be surprising.

22) Have you to work in winter?

23)  I watched the house building.

24) She is let go there alone by her parents.

25) Need I to come if he will be away at this time?
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